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Ohishi Brandy Single Cask Whisky

Ohishi is a unique family-run distillery situated on the banks of the Kuma River one Japans fastest flowing rivers renowned for its superior water quality. Founded in 1872 the distillery sits in the Southwest of Japan, nestled in an idyllic mountainous countryside. They grow a distinct strain of rice at this majestic distillery called "gohyakumanishi" (5 million stones), using a unique organic style of cultivation that incorporates koi carp.One of the oldest distilleries in Japan, Ohishi, primarily known for their sake and shochu production, also crafts one-of-a-kind whiskies. The spirit is distilled from 30 percent estate grown gohyakumanishi, and mochi rice Kumamoto in traditional Japanese stainless steel pot stills before being filled into ex-sherry and brandy casks. Ohishi is aged for extended periods of time in the high altitude warehouses, yielding a harmonious brandy influence.Ohishi Brandy Single Cask Whisky is a marriage a few hand-selected casks of whisky matured in ex-brandy barrels. The brandy influence imparts elegant notes of soft oak, vanilla, pineapple with just a touch of rancio, complimenting a silky rice complexity.Pick up your bottle today!
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