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New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

New Riff Kentucky Bourbon was founded in 2014 by whiskey visionary Ken Lewis a liquor retailer and entrepreneur. Leading a band of corporate refugees Lewis and his team have crafted a range of whiskeys from bourbon, rye, malted rye, and a host of specialty recipes to their Kentucky Wild Gin. On a mission to become one of the worlds great small distilleries, New Riff is an independently owned by a single family; this freedom allows more room for creativity, innovation, and overall quality production of spirit.Bottled without chill-filtration, they stand behind this combination of classic American entrepreneurship and ingenuity; passion and knowledge born from one of the worlds great spirit regions, and a talented team individually committed to doing things the right way. New Riff Distillings core Bourbon expression is a genuinely high-rye, full-bodied whiskey delivering a savory, spicy character. Building upon Americas 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act, New Riff Bourbon is Bottled-in-Bond Without chill filtration, featuring a mash bill of non-GMO grains. Each New Riff single barrel has been taste-tested and approved by a production panel for the utmost quality. This Single Barrel was meticulously vetted, tested, and approved to deliver notes of butterscotch, oak, and vanilla followed by a smooth rounded finish.Pick up your bottle today!
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