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Neft Black Vodka

NEFT is a Russian-Austrian brand placing vodka at the heart of life and culture. This incredibly distinctive brand is known for its iconic NEFT BARREL, which was created by a petroleum engineer who wanted to celebrate the industry of hard workers by giving them an amazing distilled spirit, the way it should be.NEFT Vodka Russian for oil is new ultra-premium vodka to the US that is packaged in a unique, specially made oil barrel. Pure Alpine spring water and the best quality grains are the basic ingredients for its wonderful, natural taste.Next is at the nexus of Austrian precision and Russian vodka expertise, combined with the best European rye grains and local Alpine spring water. NEFT is produced at the source in small batches, according to their vision, knowledge and experience. Multiple distillations as well as a special double-filtration technology are used to produce NEFT Vodka to guarantee consuming this spirit at the highest level of quality. Available in black and white cans. Pick up your bottle today!
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