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Nautical American Gin

Vertical Spirits LLC was launched in 2015 with the mission to create premium spirits that would embody the spirit of adventure. It was founded by restaurant company Synergy Dining Group founders Ken Siegel and Jon Stilianos, and industry veteran Donnie White. Nautical Gin was launched shortly after, and they are already planning a completely different release and a fresh brand.They scoured the globe to find unusual ingredients that would form the contemporary-style Nautical Gin. Naturally, there are juniper berries, sourced from Croatia, that bring the peppery spice the spirit is known for. It gets more interesting from here on out with Pacific kombu from the Shandong Peninsula in China. Pacific kombu is a mineral and vitamin-rich kelp that grows on the coastal regions and brings briny and mineral notes, as well as a touch of umami to the spirit.Then there is Chilean rosehip, high in vitamin C and rich in sweetness and tart fruitiness. Indian coriander seeds bring orange zest and sage to the table, while American spearmint and Egyptian lemongrass round it up with citrusy, spicy, and earthy notes. The list goes on with angelica root from Bulgaria, US orange and lemon peel, as well as orris root, cubeb, allspice, elderberry, and black pepper. The resulting spirit is unapologetically contemporary with a bold and unique profile. A total of 15 botanicals are infused into the spirit that has prominent citrus, spice, and pepper notes, along with a delicate touch of sea salt. This American gin is bottled at 84 proof.Grab a bottle now!
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