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Monfleurie Grande Champagne Cognac

Created by Cognac connoisseur Olga Otrokhova, Monfleurie is a modern brand of luxury Cognac. Each decanter embodies hundreds of meticulously selected Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. 80 percent of which comes from the 1960 harvest. The climate of this particular year, combined with decades of aging resulted in an exquisite floral bouquet, unusual for the Grande Champagne area. The Monfleurie blend was created by the grandmasters of Maison Boinaud Estate, renowned for its savoir-faire since the 17th century. Naturally colored and bottled at 40.6 percent ABV, Monfleurie has a unique character, richly complex with a lingering sophisticated flavor that continuously delivers new layers of aromas on the palate. Each element of Monfleurie is an expression of beauty, tradition and craftsmanship passed down through time. Bottled in a floral decanter inspired by the shape of the Versailles garden vases, the bottle is meticulously hand - blown, individually numbered and engraved.Pick up your bottle today!
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