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Milano Green Vodka

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. These famous words, spoken by Leonardo da Vinci, embody the Milano Green founders pursuit of a minimally processed, unfiltered, ingredient-driven vodka. They accomplished this goal by collaborating with a family of viticulturists and the watchful eye of Mastro Distillatore Rossano Boffa that supervises the nuances with an all-female team, who have been producing fine Italian wine and spumante for over 175 years.Marrying the finest natural ingredients with an innovative distillation process, Milano Green Vodka uses a mash of wheat from the glacier-fed Piedmontese plains and pristine water sourced from the Italian Alps. The vodka is distilled using a double-vacuum method, reducing the atmospheric pressure in order to distill at lower temperatures, working to retain the spirits flavor and maintain a small carbon footprint. Unfiltered to retain the salts and minerals of Alpine water, Milano Green Vodka has been tested to be 100 percent gluten free.Deeply committed to environmentally-friendly manufacturing, Milano Green Vodka has a zero waste policy with regards to production practices. In addition to using recycled materials for packaging and promotions, there are no chemicals or paints used in the making of the bottle. Instead, crushed glass is mixed with minerals (which adds color) before fusing the result onto the original glass bottle.Milano Green Vodka has a neutral nose, with only mild medicinal notes. The palate has a slight sweetness with hints of breakfast cereal and licorice, as well as a silky viscosity leading to a hint of black pepper and allspice on the finish. This vodka is equally suited to easy drinking on its own or serving as the base for a cocktail.This vodka received a 91 point rating at the New York Ultimate Spirits Challenge and won the Gold Medal at the 2012 San Francisco Spirits Competition. Pick up a bottle of simple, sophisticated vodka today!
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