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Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Knockrath Forest

Midleton Very Rare is a brand under which the New Midleton Distillery from the East Cork town of Midleton produces its premium Irish whiskeys. The New Midleton Distillery started its operations in 1975, consolidating in one place the production of Irish Distillers Group, which was founded in 1966 through the merger of John Power and Son, John Jameson and Son and the Cork Distilleries Company (which owned the Old Midleton distillery). The distillery is best known for making the famous Jameson Whiskey, but also produces other well-known brands, such as Powers, Paddy and Redbreast. Midleton Very Rare was created in 1984 by Master Distiller Barry Crockett, who guided the New Midleton Distillery on its journey of creating the finest whiskeys in the world for over 30 years. Upon retiring in 2013, he passed the baton to his mentee Brian Nation, who continued to create special and unique whiskey across the Midleton Very Rare portfolio. Midleton Dair Ghaelach is a series of the distillerys Irish pot still whiskeys matured in traditional bourbon barrels, and finished in Irish oak. Midleton Dair Ghaelach was the first whiskey in over 100 years to be matured in native Irish oak, and Knockrath Forest is the third release in the series. Irish oak barrels were not used before due to the lack of sustainable supply, however following the recent strides in the reforestation of Ireland, the distillers are now able to responsibly procure sustainable native oak for maturation. Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Knockrath Forest is made from single pot still Irish whiskeys aged 15 to 28 years, which were matured in traditional Bourbon barrels. What makes it truly unique, are additional 2 years of finishing in virgin Irish oak casks made from trees from the Knockrath Estate. This whiskey is bottled at cask strength of 56.5 percent ABV. Pick up a bottle today!
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