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Mezcal Vago Olla de Barro Ensamble

Vago is about searching for small-batch mezcaleros that have been perfecting their craft for generations in the mountainous region of Southern Oaxaca. It all started with a Mexico trip by two longtime friends, Judah Emanuel Kuper and Dylan Sloane. There they came upon a spontaneous street party, and with it mezcal. Long story short: They fell in love with Oaxaca and the traditional spirit, and Judah ended up opening a beach bar there.He soon met his future wife as well, and as fate would have it she came from a family with 500 years of mezcal-producing tradition. By the time they were married, Judah was an expert in everything mezcal and teamed up with his old friend Dylan to form Vago, an operation that aims to seek extraordinary mezcal and share it with the world.Ensamble Olla En Barro comes from the palenque of Salomn Rey Rodriguez or "To Rey" (Uncle Rey), from the Sola de Vega region. "Olla de Barro" are clay pots used in the distillation of the local mezcal. He cultivates more than 15 agave varieties, blending them together when they have reached maturity. Each batch is therefore a combination of different agave species and varies slightly. Naturally, the entire production process is traditional and involves the whole family. There are no additives as well, a point that is driven home by the label, as it contains plentiful information about the production process, region, agaves, batch size, and more.Grab a bottle now!
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