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Matsui The Peated Japanese Whisky

Founded in 1910, Matsui Shuzou Distillery sits just northwest of Kyoto, facing the Sea of Japan in the Tottori Prefecture. This distillery is directly within sight of Mount Daisen a volcanic peak rising more than a mile above the surrounding fertile plains. This volcanic environment has a spring water source used to distill their Sake, Shch, and Whisky and bring it to proof. This distinctive water has filtered through the volcanic stone for eons resulting in an incredibly pure, distinctive soft mineral composition.The Matsui Shuzou Distillery produces some highly regarded whiskies including some single malts under the Kurayoshi brand as well as five-grain whiskies under their Tottori label. Matsui The Peated is a unique Japanese peated single malt distilled in the modern Kurayoshi Distillery owned by Matsui. Bottled at 48 percent ABV, this peated single malt can compete with the best single malts from Islay, awarded 87 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, receiving a Strong Recommendation.Pick up your bottle today!
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