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Marca Negra Tobala Mezcal

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Phillips Distilling Company has been producing high-quality spirits and popular brands since 1912. They take pride in being one of Americas oldest family-owned spirits companies, producing an independent, high-quality, and diverse portfolio of premium spirits with an unending passion. In recent years, Phillips has expanded their portfolio to include a variety of specialty drinks, including Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky (the original spiced whisky), Gin-Ka (a combination of gin and vodka), Phillips Union Whiskey, the 100 proof series of Schnapps (Hot, Blue, and Root Beer), and vodka such as UV Vodka and the handcrafted and organic Prairie Vodka, as well as an Herbal liqueur. The Marca Negra brand features a lineup of premium traditionally-produced mezcal. Crafted in San Luis Del Rio, Mexico, this expression uses tobal agaves, a smaller variant that has a higher sugar content. The proof varies from batch to batch but constantly hovers around the higher 100-proof mark. While stronger, the spirit still retains its tropical fruitiness, smoothness, and complexity.Grab your bottle today!**Please note that ABV for this product may vary.
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