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Manhattan Moonshine Prohibition Style Whiskey

Inspired by the excellent un-aged whiskey that was produced during Prohibition and that flowed into high-class speakeasies across the country, Manhattan Moonshine was created to be the worlds finest un-aged whiskey. Whereas other moonshines are made by following traditional aged-whiskey or bourbon recipes and excluding the final step of barrel aging, the recipe for Manhattan Moonshine was developed from the outset to create an un-aged whiskey. This means that both the mash bill and the production methods were designed to create a smooth and sophisticated whiskey without the need for barrel aging. To accomplish this, Manhattan Moonshine is made from a unique blend of four locally grown New York grains oats, rye, spelt, and two-row malted barley. Oats, the primary grain, contribute a honeyed sweetness and baking-spice flavor that forms the perfect base for the whiskey. Rye then follows with its spicy vanilla taste and a long smoldering finish. Spelt, an ancestral form of Wheat, is added for consistency and nose, and the malted barley helps ensure perfect fermentation of the mash. While the barrel-aging process can often overpower the subtle flavors that result from an aged whiskeys mashbill, because Manhattan Moonshine is not aged, the character and depth this unique blend really shines through in the final product, giving Manhattan Moonshine its signature smooth yet complex flavor.Once these grains have been milled and mashed, Manhattan Moonshine is distilled in small batches in a handmade Christian Carl pot still with only one activated plate, preserving the natural grain flavors and subtle aromatics of the whiskey. After distilling, Manhattan Moonshine is bottled immediately at 95 proof without chill-filtering, barrel-aging or blending, so as not to alter the meticulously crafted flavor.Whisky Advocate put it well: Its hard to stand out but Manhattan Moonshine manages to by moving beyond corn in their mashbill The result is an unaged whiskey thats light, slightly sweet, and a symphony of cereal grains. The addition of the honey note from the oats is spot on and helps unite the grain flavors. A dash of spice creates balance and drives a dry finish. This is a wonderfully crafted and unique whiskey.With its unique mashbill and complex, grain-forward flavor, it makes a perfect gift for true whiskey lovers. With its smooth, approachable flavor, it is also great for that person in your life who is new to drinking whiskey. Manhattan Moonshine is delicious neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.Pick up one today!
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