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Malfy Gin Rosa

The Malfy distillery is located in Moncalieri, situated just outside of the city of Torino; the region is renowned for its production of wines, spirits, and liqueurs. Torino Distillati was established in 1906. To this day the distillery is run by the Vergnano family; Carlo and his wife Piera as well as their children Rita and Valter. This family-owned producer has been manufacturing spirits for several generations.The gin is distilled by Master Distillers Denis Muni and Beppe Ronco. When Malfy gin was brought to the US in 2016 it was the first Italian gin to be imported there. In 2019 the brand was acquired by Pernod Ricard from its former owners Biggar and Leith. There are currently 4 gin expressions in the lineup: The Originale, the lemon-flavored Con Limone, the pink grapefruit Gin Rosa, and Con Arancia with blood oranges. The Malfy Gin Rosa expression is distilled using a stainless steel vacuum still and crafted with Italian juniper berries, Sicilian pink grapefruit, Italian rhubarb, and 5 other classic gin botanicals. Its a bright, fruity, and fresh spirit that brings a touch of the Mediterranean coast to any cocktail and is just as nice on the rocks.Grab a bottle now!
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