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Maison Dudognon Vieille Reserve Cognac

Maison Dudogon is situated in the Grande Champagne Cru du Cognac. Keepers of the vine, the Maison Dudognon are farmers who have kept the land for generations, feeding and working it while maintaining the delicate balance of the soil. Maison Dudognon has a long-standing relationship with the grand cru, and have upheld the highest quality of production since its inception.The Ugni Blanc is the main grape variety in the area is but in recent years they have taken to the replanting of the Montils and Folle Blanche varieties. The harvests are carried out mechanically and in several stages. The Folle Blanche, early varieties are harvested and vinified separately first. Then the Montils and Ugni Blanc grapes. The Maison produces some of the most fragrant, quality eau-de-vie on the market.At Maison Dudognon, the first November frosts are the queue to fire" up the stills. The first pass of wine yields an average 28 percent alcohol per volume. The second heater or "Good Heater" is what results in the cognac. This resultant spirit is a brandy containing 70 percent alcohol per volume.At this stage, the Cognac passes to the hands of the Cellar Master who magically goes to work aging and blending. All spirits are housed in new oak barrels before being transferred to older ones. The choose the oak they purchase according to its drying property.This "Vieille Reserve" expression is a blend of barrels averaging two decades in age. When the eau-de-vie turns the ripe age of 20 the grapes in the blend start to showcase their fruitier nuttier flavors characteristic to Cognac.Pick up your bottle today!
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