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Magellan Gin

Magellan Gin gets its name from Spanish explorer, Ferdinand de Magellan. In 1519, he guided five ships on a voyage around the globe to explore the spice islands. Only one ship returned, with it several barrels of cloves; a key botanical in Magellan Gin.Distilled at the Angeac Distillery in Cognac France, Magellan Gin is crafted using 11 natural botanicals from around the globe. First the wheat grain is fermented with local limestone-filtered spring waterThe water is demineralized to avoid changing the flavor profile of the botanicals. The mash is triple distilled and fresh, hand-picked botanicals are added before the blend is redistilled a fourth time. The heart cut of the gin is taken out, discarding the rest.Finally, the Gin is infused with fresh iris flowers and roots imparting a pale blue color with an intensely floral aroma. Magellan Gins iris botanicals and creme de violette create a perfect harmony.Pick up your bottle today!
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