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Mackinlays Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Launched by independent bottlers Whyte and Mackay this blended malt whisky is inspired by legendary polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Inspired by the three cases of Scotch discovered, frozen into the ice beneath Shackletons base camp at Cape Royds.To bolster team moral on his Antarctic expedition (Nimrod, 1907), Sir Ernest Shackleton brought aboard 25 cases of Mackinlays Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky. The case was discovered in 2007 a century later, the 11 bottles perfectly preserved. The bottles were excavated and flown to New Zealand where they were carefully thawed by the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust. The whisky is now on display at the public gallery at Canterbury Museum.World-renowned Master Blender, Richard Paterson meticulously analyzed the antique whisky to re-create the Shackleton spirit, using it as the foundation of this modern whisky. After much scientific analysis of the salvaged bottles, it was discovered that the original Mackinlays was actually a single malt distilled at Glen Mhor in Inverness, matured in American oak Sherry casks and bottled at 47.3 percent ABV. The whisky has a subtle smoky character from the use of Orkney peat to dry the barley.This Shackleton whisky is comprised of a selection of Highland single malts, which were married in a combination of ex-bourbon American white oak barrels and Spanish Sherry butts. The result is a beautiful reenactment, with subtly peaty notes and a rich complex flavor profile of smooth vanilla, glazed fruits and a whisper of bonfire smoke.Pick up your bottle today!
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