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MB Roland Dark Fired Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Founded in 2009 by Paul and Merry Beth "MB" Tomaszewski, the MB Roland Distillery is a grain-to-glass craft distillery, located on the outskirts of Pembroke, Kentucky. The family-run operation is inspired by pre-Prohibition methods honoring the rich Kentucky distilling heritage, and uses local white corn to produce a wide range of whiskey and moonshine ranging from various straight bourbons, rye, malt, and wheat whiskey, as well as naturally-flavored expressions.MB is a Pembroke local and Paul came to the town from his native southeastern Louisiana via Fort Campbell, where he was stationed. They purchased an Amish dairy farm and proceeded to transform it into a craft distillery, the nearby Christian County Grain turning out to be the perfect supplier for the operation. While they were starting out, Paul was the only one distilling there full-time, but their business has since grown and expanded with several employees and MB joining their ranks full-time as well, switching from her previous career.Like all their whiskey, the MB Roland Dark Fired Kentucky Straight Bourbon is undiluted, meaning that it is distilled using 2 pot stills to a lower proof, then barrelled and bottled without adding any water at any point. This expression ranges from 105 to 115 proof and uses dark-fired corn which is smoked in their old tobacco shed. It is then aged in new charred oak, creating a deliciously smoky, uncut, and unfiltered bourbon.Get your bottle today!
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