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Low Gap Rye Whiskey

Master distiller Crispin Cain is a seasoned spirits and wine industry veteran. In 1983 he was moonlighting jobs in Pleasanton in a wine cellar, and on a bottling line, while working with Cooper Laboratories plasma kinetics division during the day. After having settled in Mendocino County, in 89 Crispin Cain worked as assistant distiller to the brandy master Hubert Germain-Robin for seven years before founding Greenway Distillers Inc. with his wife, partner, and vice president, Tamar Kaye in 2005.In 2008, he started a second company, Tamar Distillery Inc. which produces Low Gap Whiskey, Russell Henry Gin, DSP 162 Vodka, and Fluid Dynamics Barrel Aged Cocktails. Cain has proved to be quite the wizard on the still, known for delivering award-winning spirits, he has been distilling since way back in 1989.It was while working for Germain-Robin that Cain got the idea of creating high-quality whiskey from Northern California that would express the purity of nature, "one which expresses the simple beauty of clean air, clean water, and tall trees, while capturing the complexity of malted grains from a variety of local and classic sources." He continues: "I create Low Gap whiskies using the time honored traditions of Cognac, keen attention to fermentation, the Charentais Pot Still, the double distillation method, choosing fine barrels to match fine spirits. Carefully selecting the distillate which becomes Low Gap Whiskey is the best part of my job, I do this with great pleasure," says Cain of his Low Gap Whiskey. Low Gap Rye Whiskey is crafted from 100 percent rye malt extract once fermented into beer, the resulting wash is twice distilled using an alembic pot still from Cognac, France. After distillation, the whiskey is aged in several different types of barrels: new and used oak barrels, used cognac barrels, used bourbon barrels, 65 percent new charred American white oak barrels, and used port barrels.After the whiskey has aged for two years, it is brought to proof using rainwater and bottled by hand. The whiskey has a rich, malty aroma of vanilla, nuts, citrus and toasted oak, along with a velvety palate filled with notes of rye grain, leather, vanilla and chocolate. The finish is full-bodied and smooth with lasting flavors of honey and a pleasant earthiness.Low Gap earned the title "Artisan Whiskey of the Year" from Whisky Advocate in 2012, and quantities of the brand-new Low Gap Rye Whiskey are extremely limited. Pick up a bottle today!
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