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Leopold Bros. Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Situated in an industrial complex on the outskirts of Denver, Leopold Bros. Distillery is the brainchild of Todd Leopold. After receiving his diploma in Malting and Brewing from the Siebel Institute in Chicago, Todd moved to Germany and began working at the Doemens School of Brewers and Maltsters in Munich. Then, he apprenticed at four different breweries and distilleries in Germany, before moving to Kentucky to study distilling. In 2008, Todd, along with his brother Scott, moved back to his parents home in Littleton, Colorado and opened the doors to Leopold Bros. Distillery. Together, the Leopold Brothers attempt to marry chemistry with poetry and its working.By proofing the whiskey prior to barreling it, Leopold is able to ensure that more of the whiskey comes into contact with the barrel, giving it smoother and more robust notes of brown sugar and molasses. Each bottle is bottled by hand with a label indicating the barrel number from which it came.This straight bourbon is open-air fermented in wooden tanks with both house-cultured and indigenous yeast strains before being pot distilled from 64 percent Corn 17 percent Two-Row Barley, floor-malted on-site at Leopold Bros., 15 percent Abruzzi Heritage Rye and 4 percent Brewers Malts Leopold Bros. Straight Bourbon is aged four years in new, American, white oak charred barrels on earthen floors in the distillerys unheated dunnage-style bonded warehouse. Pick up your bottle today!
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