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Laws Four Grain Ruby Port Cask Finish Bourbon (Experimental Barrel)

Laws Whiskey House is a dedicated, no-compromise whiskey company. The distillery was founded by Alan Laws in 2010 in Denver, Colorado, in the historic Gates Neighborhood. Laws and his team, including former master distiller of Bartons Bill Friel, perfected the whiskey over several years, crafting the one-of-a-kind spirit into what it is today. Laws Whiskey takes "an obsessive, hands-on approach to every aspect of whiskey production." Every step of the production is carried out in-house: from the milling, cooking, fermentation, and distillation until aging.Their flagship Four Grain Bourbon is made from a recipe of 60 percent corn, 20 percent wheat, 10 percent rye, and 10 percent malted barley, all of which (except the corn) come from the Colorado Malting Company. "We let American whiskeys four mother grains inspire us to not only create our four grain straight bourbon, but also to break each grain out into its own expression, showcasing its contribution to the bourbon," says Laws.Triple-cleaned, the grain is milled and combined into a sour mash which is open-air fermented for four days. Following fermentation of the grains, the wash is double-distilled through a custom made four-plate Vendome hybrid copper-pot/column still. The bourbon is then matured in 53-gallon American white oak casks that were crafted by the Independent Stave Company in Missouri (the distillery had 1,000 barrels aging already). There, the bourbon matures for approximately three years.The limited-edition Four Grain Ruby Port Cask Finish Bourbon expression from their seasonal small-batch Experiential series takes that same juice for a round of finishing in 225-liter Portuguese Ruby Port barrels. The fortified dessert wine is known for its fruity brightness, the barrel imparting the spirit with rich raisin, fig, and plum notes. The whiskey is bottled without chill filtration by hand at 95 proof.Get one of these 1,063 bottles today!
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