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Landy VSOP Cognac

The history of Landy Cognac can be traced all the way back to 1891 when the prestigious Briand family of the Cognac region. Their fine Cognacs are blended when the eaux-de-vie reach peak maturity. After several years of aging, Landy cellar masters meticulously blend the cognacs with subtle alchemy, harmoniously combining them to create a distinctive cognac, perfectly blended in the style that is uniquely Landy.Landy Cognacs are distilled using distinctive 25 hectoliter copper pot stills. These small stills, facilitate a concentration of aromas and flavors in the wine. After distillation, the young Landy Cognac is initially rested lightly in the cool of the cellars, in Limousin oak casks, each holding 380 liters of spirit. These barrels have a wealth of tannins, giving it an ideal structure for aging. After approximately a year, the spirit is transferred to older casks the red casks. these casks have softer tannins that enable the cognac to mature in perfect condition while avoiding the development of overzealous oak flavors.Landy cognac has fiery amber hues. It is a beautiful mellow cognac, with long and pleasant lingering notes on the palate. The palate is smooth with vanilla and ripe fruit flavors rounded by oakier notes. This exquisite cognac received a double gold medal at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Pick up your bottle today!
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