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Kloa Hawaiian Rum Punch

In 1778, the HMS Resolution, commanded by Captain James Cook, made landfall on the island of Kauai, the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Cook was the first European to visit the Hawaiian islands, and his sailors undoubtedly exhausted from a long and arduous journey are believed to have introduced the concept of rum to the Hawaiians. Within a few years, Hawaiis first successful sugar plantation was established near the town of Kloa on the island of Kauai. "In many ways, this is where it all began," says Robert Gunter, master distiller at Kloa Rum Corporation.Koloa Rum is a single-batch craft distiller and bottler that handcrafts their rums from the finest quality sugarcane and the pure, abundant waters of Kauai, Hawaii. Koloa sources their water from the crisp rainwaters of Mount Waialeale. The nearby mountain peaks and rainforests capture the rainfall as it slowly filters through volcanic strata before reaching a vast underground aquifer. This incredibly pure Kauai water imparts its own unique taste and mouthfeel that perfectly complements Koloas rum. Combined with the indigenous tall cane sugarcane, this results in a truly unique and delicious Kauai White, Gold, Dark, Spice and Coconut, and Coffee Rum, as well as ready-to-drink Mai Tai, Pineapple Passion, and Rum Punch products.The Original Kloa Hawaiian Rum Punch, therefore, comes with a respectable pedigree. This ready-made cocktail is as delicious as it is convenient and is based on the Kloa Kauai White Rum. The addition of essences of oranges, tropical passion fruit, guava puree, and pure Hawaiian cane sugar make for an incredibly light cocktail, perfect as a summertime refreshment. Everything you need to do is add ice and enjoy.Get a bottle today!
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