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Kaiyo The Single Japanese Mizunara Oak Whisky

Kaiyo is a Japanese Mizunara oak aged whisky. What makes this spirit so special is the bespoke oak barrel selection. Mizunara oak is some of the most expensive wood available. The impeccable character of the wood imparts distinctive notes onto every spirit. However, its delicate wood grain nature makes it quite challenging to cooper. Kaiyo whisky is aged in handmade, bespoke Mizunara oak casks. These barrels are crafted from slow growth, air-seasoned wood from hand-selected trees. After the whisky is aged, it is finished at sea, imparting even more distinctive character to the spirit. This unique sea voyage departs from Osaka Japan, and the journey can take up to 3 months. This whisky gets its exquisite character first and foremost from the Mizunara oak. This is a 7 year old malt whisky, made on a coffey still in Japan, and aged in bourbon barrels before spending6 months aging on the ocean in Japanese Mizunara oak.Pick up your bottle today!
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