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Kahlua Original Coffee Liqueur

It was in 1936 that four friends, Senior Blanco, Montalvo Lara, and the Alvarez brothers laid the groundwork for Kahla. One had the idea, two brought the coffee, and the fourth was the chemist that tied it all together, creating the most famous coffee liqueur in the world. Kahla, allegedly an ancient Arabic slang word for coffee, is made in Veracruz, Mexico, using local ingredients.In 1940 Kahla migrated to the US, quickly taking the world by storm. It wasnt just the memorable ads that helped the liqueur gain popularity. Much of it is owed to the creation of classic cocktails such as the Black Russian, White Russian, and the B-52 shot. By the 1980s, Kahla had become the no. 1 coffee liqueur in the world, a title it still holds today.The coffee that is used to produce Kahla takes up to 6 years to grow. After the beans are harvested, they are left in burlap sacks for 6 months, before its ready for the next stage of the process. This is where the rum comes in. First, the juice gets extracted from the sugar cane, before being boiled and distilled. Finally, the roasted coffee beans and rum are blended at the distillery, resting for 4 weeks, which lets the aromas and flavors marry. The finished coffee liqueur is then bottled at 40 proof, ready to be drunk with some ice or mixed into a number of delicious cocktails.Get your bottle today!
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