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Journeyman Bilberry Black Hearts Gin

The Featherbone Factory built by E.K. Warren in the 19th century to manufacture womens corsets sits on the banks of Lake Michigan just across the Indiana border in Three Oaks, Michigan. As the factory changed hands in the twentieth century, it became a production site for everything from buggy whips to pickles. Today, its home to Journeyman Distillery and Bill Welter, Journeymans master distiller.Welter, who was formerly a banker in Indiana, began his journey when his family business was sold in 2006. He moved to Scotland, where he began to learn the art of craft distillation from Greg Ramsay (master distiller at Nant Distillery) and Bill Lark (master distiller at Lark Distillery). After returning to the United States, Welter spent time producing and resting whiskey using a prominent organic and kosher distillers facility in Chicago before opening the doors of his own distillery in Three Oaks with the intention to offer grain-to-glass spirits from day one/drop one.This Bilberry Black Hearts Gin is aptly named after the famed Bilberry, cousin to the huckleberry and blueberry. The Bilberry is dark in color and was given the nickname Black Heart in 19th century England. This gin has traditional gin botanicals like juniper, lemon, bitter orange, cinnamon, coriander, anise, angelica, and orris root to produce a uniquely American Style Gin. Double-distilled from 100 percent organic Michigan wheat and 9 botanicals: Juniper, Bilberry, Lemon, Bitter Orange, Cinnamon, Coriander, Anise, Angelica, Orris. Pick up your bottle today!
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