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Jeffersons Ocean Aged at Sea Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

The principal author of the Declaration of Independence and one of the greatest Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson was elected the third President of the United States in 1800. During his tenure, Jefferson authorized the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, dispatched Lewis and Clark westward in order to explore the remainder of the continent and repealed the Whisky Excise Tax.After Jefferson retired from public office in 1815, he often tended to the garden that he had cultivated on his Monticello estate. At the time, it was customary for wealthy farmers, including Jefferson, to distill the excess grains they harvested from their farms into spirits (George Washington was one of the countrys largest distillers of rye whiskey). As a result, each farmers spirits were unique and reflected the local terroir of their farm. Jeffersons Ocean Aged At Sea Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey pays homage to Jefferson and the exquisite whiskey he distilled.Jeffersons Ocean Aged At Sea Cask Strength Bourbon is first matured in older bourbon casks for approximately six to eight years on land, before the casks are placed on a ship and allowed to rest for another several months at sea. At sea, the bourbon and oak casks are forced to mingle with each other as the ship which stops in five different continents and crosses the equator four times during the journey rolls back and forth over the water. In addition, the temperature and barometric pressure fluctuations during the sea voyage cause the oak staves to expand and contract, and allow the bourbon to extract more of the tannins and flavor from the oak during its maturation.Bottled at cask strength for the first time, Jeffersons Ocean Aged At Sea Cask Strength Bourbon has an aroma of cinnamon buns, orange zest, burnt sugar and marshmallow. Thick notes of salted caramel, figs and chocolate fudge dominate the palate, and lead to a playful finish accented by sweet mint, lemon cake and nutmeg.We have only a handful of bottles available. Pick up a bottle today!
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