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Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters

Jack Rudy was a pilot, inventor, and craftsman, who once flew an airplane under the Ohio River Bridge on a dare. He was an aircraft mechanic during the Second World War and an engineer after that. He was also the great-grandfather of the creators of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., a family operation from Charleston, SC, and Lexington, KY. The companys goal is "to take long-forgotten staples of the American bar and reinvent them, in an effort to drink like our great-grandparents might once have."While they have various bar tools and accessories on offer, their main focus is on mixers. These are crafted in small batches and include syrups, tonics, bitters, as well as cocktail cherries and brined olives. Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters is a versatile bitters that was developed in collaboration with Cocktail Punk in Boulder, Colorado. Burnt cane sugar serves as the base, with citrus, winter spices, and bittering agents providing complexity. Its the perfect match for cocktails such as the old fashioned and Manhattan. They even suggest adding a few drops to soda water or ginger ale, supposedly taking the edge off a hangover!Grab a bottle today!
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