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Iron Smoke Casket Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Tommy Brunett is a man of many talents his band, The Tommy Brunett Band, tours frequently in the Upstate New York area and has gained national recognition for both original songs as well as classic covers of Johnny Cash and Billy Joe Shaver. A few years ago, while on tour, Brunett had an epiphany: "What goes together better than whisky and rock?" Being the consummate marketer that he is, Brunett teamed up with Master Distiller Drew Wescott to form Iron Smoke Distillery, which distills whiskey from fresh, local ingredients sourced directly from farms in the Finger Lakes region.Made from a "bourbon" mash bill that contains corn, rye, wheat and smoked barley sourced from American farms, Iron Smoke Bourbon is distilled and aged by Tommy Brunett at his distillery in Fairport, NY. Before the grains are milled and mashed, Tommy and his team smoke them using applewood, which lends a pleasant, smoky yet sweet characteristic to the whiskey. Once distilled, the whiskey is aged in triple-charred, virgin American oak barrels before being brought to proof with water from the glacier-formed Finger Lakes.Iron Smoke CASKet Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a very limited quantity of Iron Smokes unfiltered, uncut, small batch bourbon.This rare and exceptionally complex 120 proof offering is handpicked from thousands of their very owntriple char virgin white oak barrels. CASKet Strength has absolutely no liquid filler from any other source and delicious notes of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel.Pick up your bottle today!
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