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House of Elrick Gin

Situated in the lowlands of Aberdeenshire The House of Elrick was founded at the height of the Scottish Enlightenment period in 1720, home to an entrepreneurial family of cattle farmers and millers. House of Elrick Gin is a unique and distinctive spirit, made using the finest botanicals, inspired by the essence of the Scottish homeland that includes Heather Pearls, Rose Petals and water from the oldest and deepest source of Loch Ness. This gives their Gin a unique balanced crisp flavor with floral notes.This hand crafted, artisan gin is one of the finest quality available. These botanicals are hand-picked by their Master of Gin. A combination of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and citrus peel, built around a core of heather, pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose petals.Their Spirit is distilled by hand in batches of 600 bottles per run, ensuring the quality of the spirit remains up to par. The highest quality botanicals are handpicked before being distilled through a bespoke pot still. This special ginis bottled at 42 percentABV in an opaque black glass decanter. A beautiful example of Scottish gin.Pick up your bottle today!
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