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Holmes Cay Fiji 2004 Single Cask Rum

Holmes Cay is an independent bottling company from New York City. Founded by New Yorker rum aficionado Eric Kaye in 2019, they focus on finding the very best rums and bottling them at cask strength. Kaye used to work as a producer and music composer for film, TV, and commercials, but has also been an avid diver for decades. His favorite pastime brought him into contact with fantastic rare Caribbean rums. He felt he needed to share these with his fellow Americans, which is how Holmes Cay came to be.Passionately standing behind the tradition and honor that is an integral part of rum, Kaye hopes to bring incredible as-of-yet-unknown unadulterated cask-strength rums to the US, introducing spirit-lovers to the best-kept secrets of the rum world. Their very first release Holmes Cay Barbados 2005 fittingly came from the legendary Foursquare Distillery in Barbados.The Holmes Cay Fiji Single Cask Rum was distilled in 2004 at the South Pacific Distilleries of Fiji. The 16-year-old pot-still rum was matured tropically in an ex-bourbon barrel for 12 years, then 4 years in the UK in an American oak cask, then bottled in 2020 at 116 proof without chill filtering. The cask yielded 240 bottles of this premium unadulterated rum.Grab one of these 240 bottles now!
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