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Hillrock Peated Single Malt Whiskey

In the early 1800s, the State of New York was responsible for the production of more than half of the barley and rye harvested in the United States. The Hudson Valley, which extends from New York City northward through Albany, was the countrys original breadbasket and was home to thousands of farms, hundreds of which distilled the excess grains they harvested into whiskey. In the 1930s, the onset of Prohibition forced these farmers to abandon their stills.Today, in a 19th century Georgian mansion situated in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Master Distiller Dave Pickerell pays homage to the New York farmers who produced their whiskey from grains to glass. Pickerell, who graduated from West Point with a Bachelors degree in Chemistry, served in the military for 11 years as a cavalry officer before receiving his Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville. Then, Pickerell served as Master Distiller at Makers Mark in Loretto, Kentucky for 13 years. There, he was responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of Makers Mark Bourbon. A former chairman of the Kentucky Distillers Association and a member of the Distilled Spirits Council, Pickerell is an expert nonpareil in the production of whiskey.Hillrock Estate Peated Single Malt Whiskey is one of the first single malt whiskies produced in New York since Prohibition. It is made using barley that is grown exclusively on the rolling fields of the Hillrock Estate. After the barley is harvested, it is smoked over a peat flame for approximately eight hours (the peat used to smoke the barley is imported from Scotland).After the barley has been peated, it is fermented before being distilled through Pickerells custom-made, 250-gallon copper-pot still. Following distillation, Hillrock Peated Single Malt is aged in American oak casks before each batch is brought to proof and bottled by hand.The whisky has a light aroma of smoke, peat, iodine and sea salt that gives way to rich vanilla and malt on the palate. The finish is long and rich, with hints of honey, caramel and butterscotch complemented by a subtle peaty undertone.Pick up a bottle today!
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