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Hepple Gin

The team behind Hepple Gin includes co-founder Valentine Warner and Managing Director (and owner of the Hepple Estate) Walter Riddel, along with the distilling team: Cairbry Hill, Nick Strangeway and Chris Garden.Hepple is distilled using a three-step technique with three juniper varieties: Italian and Balkan juniper, and uniquely, a green, young juniper that grows on Hepple itself. Using a three way extract process to extract flavor, the first step of producing Hepple Gin involves a copper pot still upon which the core Gin is created. This is the cornerstone of Hepple Gins signature character. Next the rotary evaporator a machine that reduces the atmospheric pressure cold distills the ingredients, preserving them in their raw state. The last stage of production involves a CO2 Extraction System also known as the Supercritical machine, and this concludes the third and final step of the Triple Technique method. The result is an award-winning Hepple Gin.Pick up your bottle today!
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