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Heavens Door Trilogy

Heavens Door whiskey is a collaboration with Bob Dylan that came to be in 2018 when industry veteran Marc Bushala and Master Blender Ryan Perry teamed up with the music icon. This award-winning collection features an inspired bottle depicting the distinctive iron gates that were created by Dylan in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks. The unique gates were handcrafted from objects discovered across America. This incredible label has a core lineup of highly acclaimed whiskeys. Their Straight Tennessee Bourbon has a unique mash bill from Tennessee, utilizing 30 percent "small grains" to complement the character imparted from spending a minimum of 8 years in American oak barrels. The result is smooth and lasting with notes of vanilla and baked bread layered over a bed of toasted oak. On the other hand, the award-winning Straight Rye Whiskey gets its rest in toasted oak cigar barrels, air-dried in the low-lying mountain region of Vosges, France. This unique, proprietary finishing creates a smoother, incredibly approachable rye with notes of citrus, coriander, and spice. Then theres the Double Barrel Whiskey, a 100-proof blend of three 6-year-old whiskeys that takes the aged whiskey for a year of secondary aging in hand-toasted new American oak barrels to bring out caramel, oak, citrus, and spice notes.Heavens Door Trilogy Collection is a set that contains all those three expressions and is the perfect way to delve into what Heavens Door has on offer. Packaged in an attractive box, its a threesome of award-winning whiskey that also makes an exquisite gift.Get your box today!
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