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Gun Fighter 13 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Founded in 2008 by Stephen Gould and Karen Knight in Golden, Colorado, the Golden Moon Distillery focuses on hand-crafted spirits and liqueurs. They use the finest spices, botanicals, and herbs, relying on traditional methods. Their studious approach is embodied by the library at the heart of the distillery which contains countless rare books on distilling and everything that goes with it. From modern handbooks to ancient tomes, they are sitting on a wealth of knowledge that they employ in their daily operations. The 4 antique stills are there to put all of that into practice.The distillery is eco-conscious as well, using locally-sourced produce and recycled materials as well as sending their waste to local farmers to be used as compost, minimizing environmental impact. Golden Moon was named Distillery of the Year by the American Distilling Institute in 2019 and also runs a speakeasy-styled cocktail lounge and tasting room, serving various small bites as well.Gun Fighter 13 American Straight Bourbon Whiskey Orphan Cask is a premium and limited edition bourbon in their lineup. It was aged in American white oak barrels for at least 13 years before being bottled at 100 proof and numbered by hand. Full-bodied and smooth, it is proof that Golden Moons versatility stretches well beyond the gin they are famous for.Pick a bottle up today!
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