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Grander Trophy Release Rum

Grander Panama Rum is an independent bottler founded by Dan DeHart. DeHart is from Kentucky, meaning he was raised in the way of the bourbon. Once he discovered the wonderful world of great-quality rum that could be drunk neat, everything changed. After he met the people at Las Cabras Distillery in Panama, the groundwork was set for the launch of Grander Panama Rum in 2015. The bottler now deals in bringing authentic Panama rum to the discerning drinker without the limitations and restrictions that come from larger rum producers and suppliers.The Las Cabras Distillery is located in Herrera, Panama, and led by Jose Fernandez Perez, who oversees the blending and barrel aging. The distillery grows their own sugar cane. A proprietary yeast strain and local water are used in production, along with ex-bourbon and some ex-sherry barrels are used for maturing, with others (ex-rye, ex-scotch) are used for finishing the rum. The distilling takes place in four independent columns of varying sizes. The rum is bottled without chill filtering and additional colors.The Trophy Release Grander Panama Rum expression was distilled, aged, and bottled in Panama and is a blend of 8 to 15-year-old rums. Aged in ex-bourbon American white oak (some used to hold sherry), its a non-chill filtered rum without additives or colorings that is bottled at 110.4 proof. Grab a bottle today!
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