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Gran Patron Extra Anejo Piedra Tequila

The Patrn Spirits Company was launched in 1989 by John Paul DeJoira and Martin Crowley. With its inception, came the worlds first ultra-premium Tequila. A new state-of-the-art facility was constructed in Jalisco in 2002, to facilitate its profound reception. It became the first spirits brand in its class to sell one million cases.Francisco Alcaraz is the Master Distiller and Blender behind the recipe for the Mexican spirit. Produced at the Hacienda de Patrn, the distillery sources agaves from Los Altos in Jalisco. Roca Patrn is crafted from 100 percent Weber Blue Agave which are harvested after six to seven years by expert Jimadors. The agaves are then crushed by a two-ton volcanic stone Tahona, a centuries-old tradition that breaks down the fibers. The freshly milled desert succulents are slow-roasted in a brick oven for 79 hours, before being fermented in wooden vats. The agave juice is distilled in small batches through handmade copper stills with the agave fibers to produce an earthy flavor. Named after the Spanish word for stone, this Gran Patron Aejo Piedra is produced using traditional artisanal methods. The tequila is aged in a combination of French Limousin and new American oak barrels for four years before being bottled in elegant crystal.Pick up your bottle today!
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