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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In 1738, a brewery was built upon Morangie Farm in the Highlands region of Scotland. A century later, William Matheson acquired the farm and equipped the Morangie brewery with two stills that he purchased second-hand, and renamed the brewery-converted-distillery Glenmorangie.Glenmorangie whiskies are made using malted barley, which is mashed and fermented with water sourced from the Tarlogie Spring. The water produced from the spring, which spends nearly a century underground being filtered through layers of limestone before it is extracted, is unusually rich in minerals. In the 1980s, when development in the area threatened the springs water quality, Glenmorangie purchased 600 acres of land around the spring in order to ensure a consistent and everlasting supply.After the barley has been fermented, the wash is twice distilled through Glenmorangies copper-pot stills by a team of 16 distillers known as the Sixteen Men of Tain. Glenmorangies stills are equipped with relatively small boiler pots, which increases the exposure of the whisky to the copper, resulting in a more pure flavor. In addition, the stills are nearly seventeen feet tall the tallest of any distillery in Scotland and as a result, produce a lighter, more refined whisky.The original expression of the elegant, floral Glenmorangie range this ten-year-old single malt, is made by marrying the delicate spirit of Scotlands tallest stills, with first and second fill American white oak casks. After maturing for ten years in a range of famous slow-grown and air-dried ex-bourbon designer casks from Missouri, this raw spirit develops a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity. The result is a mature soft, mellow and creamy spirit.Pick up your bottle today!
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