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Glenfiddich Age of Discovery 19 Year Old Bourbon Cask Reserve

In 1886, William Grant, along with the help of his nine children and a single stone mason, began construction of the Glenfiddich Distillery, situated in the Speyside region of Scotland. After a year of hard labor, the first drop of whisky fell from the distillerys copper-pot stills on Christmas Day 1887. Today, Grants passion, determination and pioneering spirit continue to guide Glenfiddich Distillery, which is stewarded by the fifth generation of the Grant family. Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch is made exclusively from malted barley, which is milled and mashed with water sourced from Robbie Dhu spring. The crystal clear spring water, which is bottled directly at the source, is incredibly pure the distillery purchased 1,200 acres around the spring decades ago in order to protect its unique water supply. After the barley has been mashed, it is fermented in wooden fermentation tanks made of Douglas Fir. While wooden fermentation tanks are more expensive and difficult to maintain as compared to stainless steel tanks, they absorb a portion of the heat generated during fermentation, and thus, enable a slower and longer fermentation process. Following fermentation, the wash is twice-distilled through Glenfiddichs copper-pot stills (the distillery employs a craftsman onsite to tend to the stills, which are unique in shape and size) before the heart of the distillate is cut and prepared for maturation.Glenfiddich Age of Discovery 19 Year Old Bourbon Cask Reserve draws its name from 15th century Portuguese explorers, who led the original age of discovery by pioneering trade routes with India, Vietnam and China. Glenfiddich Age of Discovery is matured for 19 years and is the only Glenfiddich expression that is matured exclusively in American oak casks that were previously used to mature bourbon. As a result of this unique maturation process, the whisky has a golden barley color, along with an aroma of crunchy toffee, butterscotch and citrus. The aroma gives way to notes of rich vanilla, leather, Cuban tobacco and plums, and ends with a long and sweet finish. Glenfiddich Age of Discovery earned the Gold Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2013, and was just released to the United States.We have only a handful of bottles available, so pick one up today!
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