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Giffard Wild Elderflower Liqueur

The origins of the French company Giffard can be traced back to 1885, when mile Giffard started looking into the digestive and refreshing properties of mint. Giffard was a pharmacologist at the time, making and selling medicine in Angers, France. What he ended up creating was a mint liqueur, which he immediately put to the test, and offered to the guests at a hotel to provide relief from the scorching summer sun. The pure and refined drink proved a hit and prompted the Frenchman to transform his pharmacy into a distillery. The liqueur was named Menthe-Pastille after the mint sweets that were popular at the time. Today the family business continues the tradition and continues carrying the Giffard banner, five generations later.Giffards liqueurs are crafted by macerating locally-sourced fruits and plants in alcohol for 48 hours up to 3 months. This infusion serves as the basis for their liqueurs. These are masterfully blended, filtered, and meticulously tested. Giffard is constantly innovating and working on recipes with the same passion that led to the brands creation all those years ago. Today they have several liqueurs, syrups, and spirits on offer, even producing tequila, sake, and sauces.Giffard Wild Elderflower liqueur is crafted from an infusion of wild hand-picked elderflowers. The award-winning liqueur is bottled at 40 proof and is a premium offering that is deliciously refreshing on its own, on the rocks, and as a cocktail ingredient that pairs especially well with sparkling wine. The golden liqueur is floral and exotic with unique spicy notes.Get your bottle today!
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