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Gautier XO Gold and Blue Cognac

DU GALT MER SUII am the Lord of the ForestThese are words from one of the most longstanding cognac houses in the world. Their story began in 1644, when a man named Charles Gautier married Jacquette Brochet, a wine-makers daughter. From the 17th century their grandson, Louis Gautier, developed the trade in Cognac, thus expanding the market, and contributing greatly to the significant growth of Maison Gautier. In 1755 a royal warrant was granted to the Maison Gautier Cognac, and a founding charter signed by King Louis XV. The Maison Gautier Cellars were installed in a very unique location, in a former watermill in Aigre on the Osme river, nicknamed the "Little Venice" of Charente. And Maison Gautier was officially born. The heirs of Maison Gautier succeeded each other in turn over 10 generations, developing the family business.As forest owners born in the 17th century The Gautier family gained noteriety in the 16th century when they crafted casks using wood from the Tronais forest, famed for its quality oaks. They have an intimate knowledge of the distinct wood, which they consider a key element in mastering the long maturation process of their cognacfrom this unique heritage, we know how to select the oak trees that create the perfect barrels to welcome our Cognacs. Ours are in specially selected French oak. We toast our barrels slowly, on a medium fire, to give our Cognac distinctive rich, gourmand and grilled notes (Maison Gautier). Aged in an 18th century former watermill on the Osme river, the proximity to the water gives the cellars a natural humidity, this gives the cognac a the most distinguished taste. In 1995, Gautier joined the group Marie Brizard and Roger International, which was in turn purchased by the Belvedere Group in 2006.This longstanding cognac house is a perfect fusion of ancient history and modernity. Their eaux-de-vie rests under the watchful eye and nose of their Cellar Master Isabelle COUPRIE whose ancestors were distillers as far back as 1750. Surrounded by the family vineyards as a child, The aromas of the cellars, created an olfactory memory that is vital for her workIsabelle perpetuates the signature of GAUTIERs cognacs, but she also expresses her own sensitivity and intuition to create exceptional new blends (Maison Gautier).Maison Gautier emphasizes their intimate relationship with their cognac house and all of its members. This relationship imparts a special value to their final product that goes unparralled. Gautier X.O. Gold and Blue is a blend of old eaux-de-vie, aged up to 35 years, symbolizing the sun and light of Cognac and the river on which Maison Gautier sits. Pick up your bottle today!
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