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Game of Thrones House Tully Singleton of Glendullan Select

Game of Thrones House Tully Singleton of Glendullan SelectGlendullan is situated in Dufftown, the whisky capital of the world. As one of the busiest whisky epicenters, it is home to some of the greatest Scotch whiskies ever created. Founded in 1898, by William Williams and Sons from Aberdeen, the distillery was actually decreed by King Edward VII in 1902. The Singleton brand is actually manufactured in three Scottish whisky distilleries; one of which is Glendullan.The smash-hit series Game of Thrones has teamed up with spirits giant Diageo, to create eight rare Scotches inspired by the royal Houses of Westeros. In honor if the eight and final season of the Emmy-winning show each bottle tells the tale of each of the Seven Kingdoms. These iconic whiskies serve as must-have collectibles for Game of Thrones and whisky adorers.House Tully, located at Riverrun, rules as the lord of The River lands. The power of water flows through both House Tully and The Singleton of Glendullan Select as it is made on the banks of the River Fiddich in the wooded hills of Dufftown. Here they harnessed the water that flowed through the land utilizing a water wheel to power the entire distillery. This whisky has bright notes of citrus and clove that open on the nose followed by a palate of sweet fruit and vanilla bean and a warm aromatic finish. This incredible Glendullan is decorated with a jumping trout, the sigil of House Tully. Pick up your bottle today!
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