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G4 Tequila Extra Anejo

The story of G4 Tequila started in 1937 when the Camarena family first started making tequila. The Jalisco Highlands in Mexico are the tequila capital of the world and the name Camarena counts among the most illustrious in the spirits rich history. After working with his brother Carlos for years, the fourth-generation tequilero (G4) Felipe Camarena decided to open his own distillery in 2011 and the Destilera El Pandillo was born. Named after his grandfathers favorite bull, the distillery proudly displays the old tahona stone from the family distillery that burnt down during the Mexican Revolution before it even became operational.G4 takes pride in taking things slow and respecting the land and tradition. They grow their own agaves without using any chemicals, and they are never harvested before fully ripening. They are cooked in traditional stone ovens for 22 hours, after which the remains are converted into fertilizer. Copper-pot stills are used for the first and second fermentation and many details in the production process ensure power efficiency. They have also strived to use solar and wind power, as well as harvesting rainwater.While the Extra Aejo might look comparatively light, it is due to a complete lack of any coloring additives it has spent a minimum of 3 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels. All the maturation takes place in-house, often giving the spirits twice the amount of aging necessary for a particular category. This gives the end product an exceptional smoothness and complexity. Its extra-smooth, agave-forward, with a pleasantly soft oakiness and vanilla note. As all their tequila, the Extra Aejo is made from 50 percent spring water and 50 percent harvested rainwater and bottled at 80 proof.Pick a bottle up today!
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