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Fris Vodka

Launched in 1989 in Denmark, Frs Vodka is a spirit with a uniquely Scandinavian character that reflects their spirit of innovation, design, and high standards. Invented at one of the oldest distilleries in the country, the historic Aalborg Distillery, its crafted to be exceptionally pure and velvety-smooth. Frs Vodka has been owned by the Sazerac Company since 2016.Frs Vodka is pronounced "freeze", and Frs translates to "frost" in Danish. The name refers to their patented cutting-edge freeze-filtering process that removes impurities from the spirit, where each drop of vodka is frozen to 14F (-10 degrees Celsius). Distilled 4 times from all-natural whole grain using a continuous still, it is blended with purified artesian-well water, resulting in a super-clean, crisp, and smooth vodka that is bottled at 80 proof.The bottles feature a unique design that reflects the freezing process as well as the cold of the Nordics. "No other vodka is created in quite the same way as Frs. Now it has a bottle that is just as unique," says Dan Lundberg, Global Marketing Director at Frs. The vodkas smoothness and purity make it a great cocktail base and an equally delicious chilled sipper.Get your bottle today!
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