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Four Fox Sake

The idea for Four Fox Sak was conceived in 2015 by four friends. A shared dream turned into a passion project to reinvigorate the traditional conventional style of sak, a long-standing, time-honored practice. The idea was to create a new luxury standard of sak, a more contemporary style that pays homage to the ancient tradition of the brewing practice.There are six grades of sak, and Four Fox is categorized as a snowmelt Junmai Daiginjo, meaning that it is the highest grade of premium sak, and the pinnacle of a sak brewers art. The sak is crafted from locally sourced ingredients in the Niigata prefecture, NW Japan. This specific area of Japan was chosen because of its high snowfall, which yields exceptionally pure and soft water. Four Fox collaborated with a century and a half-year-old brewery to create a proprietary blend, which led to the birth of an incredibly clean and elegant sak with a flavor profile and aroma that lends itself to the less formal, fruity side than most other Junmai Daiginjo saks. The result is an incredibly approachable and smooth style of sak that doesnt necessarily require food pairing.In Japanese mythology, Inari Okami is the goddess of sak, rice, swordsmiths, and foxes. The Four Fox crest features four of Inaris foxes, illustrated with rice fields and snow falling overhead, guarding the Torii gate, a gate which according to legend only the purest spirits may pass. Four Fox Sak represents this ultimate in purity and perfection.The stunningly sleek bottle also pays tribute to the ancient wordsmiths to whom Inari was a god, with a katana embossed into the profile of every bottle. Its metallic chrome finish topped with a Japanese wood cork, creates a very stylish effect, embodying a fusion of modern convention and ancient tradition. Each bottle is also designed with a hidden LED installed in the base, adding to the contemporary feel. Enjoy it cold or on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktails.Pick up your bottle today!
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