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Fair Quinoa Vodka

The idea for the independent spirits brand Fair came about in 2009 when founder and former salesman at Ferrand Cognac Alexandre Koiransky decided he wanted to create quality spirits for globally-minded people who cared about sustainability. This starts with sourcing extraordinary natural ingredients from local communities all around the world, ranging from quinoa from the Altiplano plateau and sugar cane from Belize, to juniper berries from Uzbekistan and Mexican coffee, all organic.All these natural ingredients are then shipped to Cognac, France where some of the finest distillers and brewers in the world take care of production, employing their several generations of expertise and tradition. The entire process is done according to the 200 rules of the Fairtrade organization, but Fair goes beyond the call of duty when ethically sourcing their ingredients, always making sure that they stay true to their mantra of honesty and transparency. They have since released 5 spirits under the Fair brand, a coffee and a kumquat liqueur, a gin, a rum, and a vodka.Fair Quinoa Vodka is an award-winning, certified fair-trade, gluten-free, and vegan spirit. Its made with organic quinoa thats grown in the volcanic soil of the Altiplano plateau in the Andean mountains through a process that starts with brewing beer from the quinoa, before being distilled. This unique process is the result of a 2-year research project between the distillers in France and Andean farmers.Grab a bottle today!
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