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FEW Cold Cut Bourbon Whiskey

Hidden down a dark alley in a former chop shop, skilled men are quietly violating one of Evanstons founding principles: Prohibition. In the 19th century, Frances Elizabeth Willard was elected President of the Chicago Womans Christian Temperance Union and embarked on a decade-long crusade to prohibit alcohol in the United States. Willard worked tirelessly; as President of the WCTU, she traveled roughly 30,000 miles and gave an average of 400 lectures each year for an entire decade.As a result, Evanston remained a dry town for over 100 years. It wasnt until Paul Hletko, owner and master distiller at FEW Spirits, began lobbying the town that the antiquated laws were lifted. Im the vice president of the PTA at my kids school and I coach their soccer and T-ball teams, Hletko says. People around town know me and what Im about, which is handy when youre looking to change 100 years of laws.Today, Hletko and his team of master distillers produce FEW spirits in the heart of Evanston, Illinois. FEW has brewed up an eye opening new experience. To make this Cold Cut Bourbon, cask strength FEW Bourbon is mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled at the FEW distillery then cut with cold brew coffee. Cold Cut is a unique whiskey delivering unexpected depth and boldness. Perfect choice for Brunch or in a mean, bold, Manhattan.Pick up your bottle today!
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