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Erstwhile Espadin Mezcal

Erstwhile Mezcal is an importer from Brooklyn, New York, specializing in artisanal mezcal. Founded in 2017 by Yuan Ji and Kevin J. Brown, they are laser-focused on helping smaller, family-operated mezcal producers reach the US. This involves education, curation, and extensive research all in order to bring the best traditional small-batch mezcal to the consumer, while enabling the producers to expand.They never meddle with the mezcaleros production process and always pay them fairly, only stepping in when and where their help is needed. This includes fronting legal fees, finding a suitable bottling facility, and any similar hurdles which are overcome at the beginning of every partnership they make. Transparency plays a huge role in the way they operate, always stating where the mezcal is sourced from and actively communicating with the mezcal-loving community.Erstwhile Espadn Mezcal comes from Rancho Blanco Gil. While the founders were scouring the Oaxaca countryside for a flagship Espadn Mezcal, they came upon master mezcalero Silverio Garca Luis. They immediately knew theyd found what they were looking for. Complex, elegant, balanced, as well as versatile and good value, it was the perfect fit for their first shipment from Mexico. Fermented naturally in wooden open-air vats and distilled in copper alembic stills, its a treat for any fan of the traditional Mexican spirit.Pick up a bottle today!
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