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Elephant London Dry Gin

Elephant Gin produces award-winning handcrafted premium gin, made with rare African botanicals. Their story began in South Africa, but Elephant Gin is handmade in Germany.Every ingredient is hand-selected, each bottle custom-made, with hand-written labels. Production is limited to small batches. This custom made artisan gem is inspired by the charitable organization Africa for Africa, from the hearts and minds of a handful of German enthusiasts who donate 15 percent of all their profits to help save the endangered African elephants. Elephant Gin is crafted from 14 handpicked botanicals, sourced from across the world. From African Baobab and Devils Claw to French lavender and Salzburger mountain pine needles. The botanicals are what gives this gin its truly distinctive notes. Limited to small batches and distilled using a traditional copper still, the resulting spirit is cut with local spring water, fresh apples and other carefully selected elements that comprise all this wonderfully unique spirit of Africa. Pick up your bottle today!
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