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El Mayor Reposado Tequila

For over four generations Gonzlez family has been perfecting the tequila-making craft. To this day, they incorporate age-old processes and values handed down for generations. El Mayor represents a legacy of Tequila. Rodolfo Gonzlez is a very hands on Master Distiller. Passionately overseeing the entire process from field to bottle, and ensuring every drop that leaves his distillery is nothing short of perfection. Rodolfos son Paul and daughter Graciela represent the fourth generation of Gonzlez distillers and continuation of the family legacy. El Mayor tequilas are handcrafted in the fertile, rocky soils of Jalisco Mexico using Weber Blue Agave. Once harvested their hand-selected agave is chopped stacked and cooked in autoclaves, before the cooked agave is shredded and gently pressed to extract the full agave flavor. After being fermented with a proprietary, family owned yeast strain, the agave juice is double distilled in copper lined pots.El Mayor Reposado is distilled from 100 percent Blue Agave and aged in white oak barrels for nine months (seven months longer than the industry standard). Its lengthy stay in these barrels gives the spirit an elegantly structured and balanced taste with a remarkably smooth finish.Pick up your bottle today!
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