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El Jimador Reposado Tequila

Tequila Herradura was founded in 1870 in Jalisco, Mexico. They currently produce El Jimador Tequila. The tequila is named in honor of the master tequila harvesters, the Jimadores, who hand-cut each agave heart (the pia) with a razor-sharp coa, To produce the tequila the pias are roasted in a clay oven, before being double-distilled and placed in American oak bourbon barrels for two months to rest.El Jimador Reposado starts out with 100 percent hand-harvested blue Weber agave, naturally fermented and double distilled. The tequila enjoys a two-month siesta in bespoke, handmade American oak barrels until the liquid reaches perfect maturation. The result is an exquisite golden tequila, with warm seasoned flavors and a smooth, confident agave flavor that shines on its own, but can be enjoyed in a range of tequila cocktails.This stunning tequila has inviting aromas of vanilla, toasted wood, fruits, spices, and cooked agave. A rich combination of spice, fruit, wood, vanilla and subtle toasted hazelnuts. Soft and long-lasting with the warm flavors of vanilla and subtle spice rested in oak. The Mexican gem has also won over 25 awards since 2010, including a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012.Pick up your bottle today!
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