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Diplomatico N3 Pot Still Rum

Diplomtico is an independent and family-owned brand that is focused on producing rum of the finest quality. Founded in 1959, their distillery is situated by the Andes Mountains in Venezuela with access to pure water and close to sugar processing plants. Their line features a range of award-winning and highly-regarded column, batch kettle, and pot still rums. They are involved with the community and employ sustainable production practices.Named Diplomtico in honor of the statesman who brought order and balance to a restless era in Venezuela during the 19th century, the 18th-century distiller Don Juancho Nieto Melndez also known as El Ambassador these rums are the exquisite product of Venezuelas warm, tropical climate. The sunny days, cool nights, constant breeze, and abundant rainfall create an idyllic environment for growing and cultivating juicy, fresh sugarcane. The sugarcane is harvested, fermented, and distilled into rum, before being aged in a range of bourbon, port, and sherry casks. They are then masterfully blending by the hands of Tito Cordero, Diplomticos maestro ronero.The N3 Pot Still Rum expression is the third and final entry in The Distillery Collection which contains three special edition rums, each distilled a different way. This one was distilled using discontinuous copper-pot stills that came to the La Miel distillery in 1959. It was crafted using the finest sugar cane honeys and aged in small American white oak barrels. Its the most complex and heavy of the three expressions.Grab one of these special edition bottles today!
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